What is Community Supported Agriculture?


This farming model establishes a direct connection between a local farmer and CSA members.  When you purchase a share from us you are not only signing up for a box of delicious, fresh, local vegetables delivered each week, but you also become our partner and an integral part of our farming community.  By signing up now and paying upfront, we, the farmers, are given a direct and consistent market and an opportunity to pay for seeds, and crucial equipment before the season begins.  

Each farming season is unique.  Temperatures, rainfall and insect and wildlife pressure all present challenges that vary from year to year.  We are invested in infrastructure such as our greenhouse, deer fencing, row cover and irrigation to allow us to provide a consistent, quality harvest in the face of these challenging variables.  CSA members provide stability to farmers by sharing this risk.  Our goal with each week's box is to exceed your expectations! When we have exceptional harvests and extras we will offer these up to CSA members each week.  In becoming a member it is important to note the risk as well as all of the benefits of membership.