We are Dan and Jenny Kapernick and we founded Little Big Sky Farm in the Spring of 2013, but the vision for the farm began back in 2003 when Dan worked on an organic farm in high school.  Over the last five years we have had two children, Omer and Mirah, built a house on our farm, established acres of prairie and started to grow vegetables.  

Dan’s background is in carpentry and Jenny’s is in playing music and teaching.  

In addition to farming we also love laughing, cooking, building structures both functional and fun, playing music, dancing and spending time with friends and our big St. Peter extended family. Jenny shares stories about farming, family and art via her blog.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow on this gorgeous piece of land in the Minnesota River Valley.  Providing fresh, chemical-free, local vegetables to the surrounding community and sharing the beauty and bounty of this space with others gives our whole family a lot of joy.